Thursday, June 16, 2011

18 Months old.......your kidding right?

I mean a year and a half couldn't possibly have already gone by since my little babies were born could it!?! Wait I have full blown toddlers!?! Yikes!

Of course they act more and more like toddlers every day. We have new words popping up everywhere. We are really working on our listening skills....(read I say something we don't listen) We have discovered a new nuisance to having multiple toddlers. One child will decide to do something naughty. That child is told no and redirected. Second child hears this and goes and does what the first did. Second child is told no and redirected. Third child hears this and goes and does what first and second child did. Third child is told no and redirected. Uh oh here comes first child.....this is the cycle in our house lately. It never ends.

Another fun thing that multiple toddlers do is the decoy bit. First and second child are over arguing about a toy, book, or anything in general. Third child sees you are distracted by first and second child and off goes third child to do what they know they shouldn't be doing. The joys of being a MoM! I am outnumbered and they are starting to realize this. I am screwed when they become teenagers arn't I!?!

We had our 18 month check up yesterday. They are progressing well. They had their last shot till they are 4 years old! (not including flu shots) That has to account for something right!?!

Levi: 22lbs 15oz  33"
Nathan: 22lbs  33"
Paige: 19lbs 2oz  31"

They did well at the Dr. Only had to be told no don't touch that about a million times. lol. They scream bloody murder when you lay them on the table, and all we were doing was trying to measure them! We don't go back there till they are 2 years old. Nathan has been referred to an ENT specialist about his ears. His left ear still has fluid in it and it has been about 2 months since it was first detected. So instead of going back to get his hearing re-tested we are skipping that step and going right to the specialist.

All in all the trio is doing great and they are growing like weeds. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!




My loves! <3


  1. Happy 18 months! Love the individual photos - they're such cuties!