Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 month photo shoot

Today we took the trio to Clix portrait studios in Peddler's Village. I can't say enough nice things about them! I loved them! They ave awesome props and where great with the babies. They had 1 photographer plus someone else helping place the babies and getting the babies to look and smile. The photographer has twins and was very excited to photograph our trio. The first photo we did had Nathan in a chef's shirt with chef hat, Paige in an apron with a chef's hat, and Levi in a pot. It turned out so stinkin cute! We also got our first family picture. I'm pretty excited and I can't wait till we get them so I can put them up....everywhere!!!

Also today we went to my Dad's barbershop picnic. I love going to these things because they always sing and I love barbershop music. I really want the babies to love it too. I remember when I was growing up my Dad's quartet used to practice at our house when we lived in the mobile home. I would go to sleep listening to them singing. I loved it! The barbershoppers where so excited to meet our trio. We had a good time but we are now pooped! That was a lot of work to go 2 places in one day!

Oh and I almost forgot. When Alan went to get Paige from her nap today.....she was sitting up! She sat up all by herself! She is getting to be such a big girl. She is also leaving her brother's in the dust! :)

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