Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day in the Dean house

Our schedule has changed a bit since I last posted about it. We are busy busy getting ready to have for our first crawler. Here is our current schedule.

Between 6am and 7am: wake up and have an 8oz bottle. Whomever has already eaten plays on the floor and watches Sesame Street. (We love Sesame Street!)

7am to 8am: Playtime. They usually get a little time in the jumpers and exersaucer as well as floor time with their toys.

8am: Breakfast. They eat 7tbs of oatmeal and 1 1/2 jars of fruit. Split between all 3 of course :)

8:30am: Naptime!

Between 10am and 10:30am: wake up

10:30am and 11am: 6oz bottle

11am till 12pm: playtime! This is also when we like to go for walks and play outside.

12pm: Lunchtime. We just started giving them lunch. They get 1 jar of baby food split 3 ways. I have also started introducing them to table foods at this time. We have had watermelon, banana, peaches,mum-mums, and biter biscuits.

12:30pm to 1pm: playtime. Usually floor play.

1pm: Naptime!

3pm/3:30pm: wake-up

between 3:30pm and 4pm: 8oz bottle- I am thinking about making this a 6oz bottle too because they are eating less of their bedtime bottle. I would rather it be the other way around. :)

4pm to 5pm: playtime with Daddy! Alan usually gets home from work during their nap so when they get up they get to play with Daddy! I of course play too but sometimes I use the time to get things done or if the day was a little rougher then usual...I veg out a little. :)

5pm: Dinnertime- they eat 3 jars of baby food split 3 ways

5:30pm to 6pm: Playtime

6pm: we head upstairs to start our bedtime routine. This is also a new routine we just started. We use to give all 3 a bath every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This killed my back so I decided to change it up. Now every night is bath night except Sunday. The babies rotate and only 1 gets a bath a night. While I bathe, dress and feed that baby Alan is dressing and feeding the other 2. So far this system is working out the best for us. If someone decided to get super dirty that day, then we would bathe 2 babies.

6:15pm: 1 baby in the bathtub, 1 baby with Alan being dressed, 1 baby playing on the floor in out room (also with Alan) After they are ready for bed they get an 8oz bottle. Then it is of to bed!

They have been sleeping through the night for a while now. Every now and then someone might wake up in the middle of the night. Usually though all I have to do is give them their binky back and they go back to sleep. Rarely do I have to do more. We like their seahorses because they have come in handy a time or two to distract them while I sneak out of the room.

All in all that is our day in a nutshell. It changes of course when errands need to be run and things of that nature. Eventually I would like to get some playdates in and in the fall I want to start going to storytime at the library. (of course the playdates require finding people to have them with....this is a work in progress)

Here is morning playtime. See how awake we are? :) I just brought the little kitchen out for them recently. It was an instant hit. They love to play with it. Paige likes to eat the fridge door. She is so funny...has to taste everything!

And of course here is Paige. She is working very hard on crawling. Any day now!

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