Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter egg hunt number 2

Every year my church has an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. I was really excited to take them this year since they could actually participate! We had fun. Nathan was into it this time and crawled around getting a bunch of eggs. Levi and Paige did a good job too. It looked like they had fun. Nathan then took his eggs (they were real eggs) and started to bang them together. So his eggs were nice and cracked. Levi decided to investigate one of his and put his finger right through it. Silly kids. We also saw the Easter bunny again but we didn't sit on him this time so there was no tears this time.

 Waiting to go on the hunt.

Nathan and Pop-pop. Nathan decided to put his arms in his bucket. Silly boy.

Levi and Paige hunting for eggs.

Nathan crawling along. Don't worry he is pointing Pop-pop in the right direction of more eggs!

All 3 checking out their finds.

Levi getting a special egg from the Easter bunny.

Paige with a death grip on Pop-pop getting her special egg from the Easter bunny.

Nathan getting his special egg from the Easter bunny.

I must say that I enjoy the holidays even more now that we have kids. :)

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