Friday, July 29, 2011

Giggleberry Fair

About a month ago my Mom and I took the trio to Peddlers Village. We went to Giggleberry Fair to meet with my Mom's old friend who was in town. It is a very nice indoor play place for kids with a carousel. I thought we would just be in the toddler area but the bigger kids area with nets and slides and all sorts of things to climb wasn't that full so we took them in there. Well the boys had a blast climbing and sliding and running around. Paige was being clingy but I eventually got her to play with some balls and walk around a bit. We had a blast!

First they rode the little carousel which had 3 horses on it! Perfect for my trio :)

This is the giant slide the boys went down by themselves! I was so impressed that they did it by themselves and loved it! They kept climbing back up for more!

Paige putting balls in a bag

Playing in the play area.

We then took them on the big carousel. Levi was the only one who stayed on the horse the whole time. Paige and Nathan ended up sitting in one of those stationary carriages.

My Mom's friends daughter came too with her very cute little boy who is about 6 months old. It was great seeing them again! I can't wait to take them back there to play again. I am so glad we got to see them when they were out here to visit!

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