Monday, April 4, 2011


Grammy bought them a tent a long time ago. We have been waiting for the perfect time to get it out. We decided about a week or 2 ago to get it out and play with it. The bonus part is the tent comes with a tunnel. The boys love tunnels! Paige was iffy about the tunnel but after having the tent up for a few days she eventually went through it. We have lots of fun with our tent. Daddy included. I don't think Daddy has tried to go through the tunnel yet. (operative word there being yet)

The tent crammed into our play area.

Paige more interested in the box it came in.

Levi in the tunnel

Paige in the hole for the tunnel

Paige and Nathan playing with Daddy while Levi is trying to put 2 of the Wiggles into the stroller to take them for a walk!

Alan moved the tent to the play room and added the other tunnel to make it "cooler"

Alan the photographed Levi coming at him. Alan is in the tent and here comes Levi!

Hi Daddy!

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