Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adventure Aquarium in Camden

We took our trio to the Adventure Aquarium this past Sunday. I frequent a message board called the Bump and a few of us in this area decided to do a meet up at the Aquarium. We weren't supposed to meet until 12pm but Alan, the babies, and I decided to get there early so we could see all the fishes before we met up with the other ladies and their babies. Good thing we did too. We got there shortly after it opened and we were able to walk around without too many people there. It was really nice for the shark tunnel because there was only one other family in there at the same time as us. We then had lunch and got ready to meet some other bumpies.

Well that part didn't work out so well. Supposedly there were supposed to be women coming from New York and New Jersey, and Maryland I think. There was also another woman who I have been in touch with about getting together because she lives near us. Well everyone bailed except the bumpie that lives near us. Too bad we didn't know ahead of time because we could have met somewhere closer and cheaper. Oh well. Hopefully the next meet up will go better. We had fun at the aquarium. Although I kinda wondered what the main attraction was. The fish or us in our choo choo wagon. I must admit they are awful cute in their wagon. They also had their Eagles gear on. Go Eagles!

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