Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kern's Krafts

Time for an all about me post :) I have been working on trying to get a little side business started. I have always loved to craft. I have been crafting since elementary school. In fact I was in a group of girls called the Three Crafty Girls or 3CG. We used to go to each others houses and craft and then sell our crafts at craft sales. I can still remember us using hot glue and decorating little trinket boxes.

So anyway I have been making jewelry and scarves since before the babies were born. Since they were born I decided to try my hand at knitting baby hats. I knit ones for my trio and have gotten a lot of compliments so I added them to my list of things I craft. I also want to add tutu's and possibly diaper cakes. I just recently made a diaper cake for a friend's shower and of course I didn't think to make a picture of it. Oh well.

So last night I went out for the first time as Kern's Krafts. My Mom's for multiples group did a vendor night so I decided to get a table. My sister Kristen joined me trying to get some pet portraits lined up. I had fun but I only sold 1 thing. So it was kind of a bust but hey I got the experience. Kristen and I are going to work on our display and such and come spring I think we are going to try to do some craft shows and such. I am very excited. Of course I need to sell different things in the spring because my hats and scarves won't sell again till next fall. I haven't decided if I want to do and Etsy store or not. We shall see.

If you see something you like feel free to let me know! :) I can do any color you like. Hopefully our next show will be better!

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