Friday, March 1, 2013

My little dancer

We enrolled Paige into her first dance class! A couple weeks ago we became members of the YMCA and decided to enroll Paige in petite feet which is an introductory class for dance. She is fascinated be ballerinas and loves to dance and sing and listen to music. Today was her first class and she loved it! She went right on in the room and didn't even notice I had left. (I watched her dancing through the door though!) She had a blast dancing and doing girly things with all the ballerinas in her class! She was so excited when other girls started coming in. She stood and counted all the ballerinas. When the class was over she came out of it all upset. I though she didn't like it even though she looked like she was having fun. Nope she was sad it was over. She came up to me pouting saying she wanted to dance more! I am so happy she had fun. Can't wait till next week! :)

This is the only picture I got. I considered be stalker like and taking pictures during but I didn't want to distract her and be "that" Mom. lol. I am lucky I got this one because she just wanted to run around with all the other girls!

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