Friday, March 8, 2013

Daddy and Paige day

By now most people should know I like a deal. I also love free things. Which is why we do Home Depot every month. It is a great program for the kids and we get to do something fun! Well I found something fun for Alan to do just with Paige. Chick Fil A offers a Father daughter night every once in a while. I signed them up for one this month. They went this past Monday and had a blast. All it cost was the price of the meal. You need to make reservations ahead of time but it is well worth it! When they first arrived they had their picture taken by Cardinal Camera in Quakertown. They were then taken to their table which had table clothes on it and flowers.

This was on their table. They had their staff dressed as servers and took their order and served them their meal.

Paige also got her face painted and whole bunch of goodies. he got a bracelet, some rings, a wand, a cow, and a red carnation. he was in heaven!

Sweet and Sassy was also there with their pink limo. Paige and Alan got to take a ride around the parking lot in it! Paige also got to play in the play place. he had a great time and Alan loved having the one on one time with her.

I think we need to do more things like this. I agree with Alan that each of the kids are totally different kids when it is just them and no one else. No competing for attention or doing things to get a rise out of someone else. We need to do more stuff like this!

Meanwhile as Daddy and Paige were having a blast I was home with the boys. I made their favorite dinner of mac and cheese and let them eat in the living room. They also got chocolate milk!

Everyone had a good night! I can't wait for the next one so they can go have fun again! :)

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