Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We had a very busy Easter weekend this year. The kids had a blast. Saturday morning we went to church for the annual Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day and they got to look for their eggs outside. They got their faces painted and listened to a story told by Pastor Mitman. Then egg time!

Here we are being goofy and waiting for the egg hunt to start. I was happy that their shirts from last year still fit!

The kids go in 3 separate directions making it hard to take their picture while hunting eggs. Here they are checking out their hoard of eggs they found!

After the egg hunt the Easter bunny himself showed up!

After the egg hunt we went home to dye Easter eggs. I got a new kit that I thought looked neat and was really easy for the kids to use. I hope I can find it again next year!

Here they are all ready to dye eggs! We used little rollers to put the dye on the eggs which worked out great. By the way old adult t-shirts work awesome for paint smocks!

Paige very into her egg dying.

Levi painting away.

Nathan. I love the tongue out!

Our finished eggs. Levi has Iron man, Paige has Barbie, and Nathan has Hulk. :)

After nap we continued our Easter fun by having Easter dinner at Grammy and Pop-pop's house. When we showed up they had all already hid eggs for the kids! Aunt Kristen and Aunt Stephanie were there with Shawn and Travis.

Waiting for the go to find eggs!

And they are off!

No one seemed to be able to find the one on the top of the playground!

Look what we found!

After we got home it was time to set up their baskets for the Easter bunny to come!

All set up and ready to go! We even put a carrot out for the bunny. Thanks Grammy! (Since Mommy forgot to get one)

They each put one of their eggs in their basket so the bunny would know whose basket was whose.

The bunny came! He even nibbled the carrot!

All dressed and ready for church.

Paige in her pretty Easter dress that Mommy made for her :)

Paige in Mommy's Easter coat that Grammy made. I need to find a picture of me and scan it in. I would love to see the 2 pictures side by side to see how they look.

We had a great Easter. As the kids get older, holidays get more and more fun for us! I hope they believe in all of these things for a very long time!

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