Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bottle time

So our bathtime has evolved yet again. We are now bathing them every other day again but we are doing all three at once. Last night we had them bathed, fed, and in bed within a half an hour! Alan said that was a little rushed though and he never wants to do it that way again. Haha. I thought it went rather well. I usually get one going while Alan undresses the other 2 and places them in the tub. By the time all three are in the tub the first baby is finished being bathed and is playing while I move on to the others. Alan then cleans up the toys in the bedroom and then starts taking babies to dress and get them going on eating. What's great is they all now will lay on a pillow and feed themselves their bottles! Paige and Levi like to try to roll around and eat at the same time, so that can be a challenge. Of course what isn't a challenge when it comes to triplets! So I have a picture of them fresh out of the bath all lined up for a before bed snack. :)

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