Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 months!!!

I have been so busy with getting Girl Scouts under way that I didn't get to do my 10 months post! Wow I can not believe that we have reached double digits and in 2 months they will be one year old! Gah! where did the time go? It seems just yesterday I was lying on the couch miserable and wishing them out of me! Lol! I am so glad they stayed in 2 more months and came out happy healthy little babies!

Levi - He is such an energy packed little boy. He started crawling last week! He looked so funny crawling. He looked like a little crunched up ball that moved just by swishing his hips back and forth. After almost a week of crawling he is starting to loosen up a bit. He is also getting much faster. As soon as he is on the floor he takes off. I love that he gets this little squeaky laugh when he is up to no good. He does it when he is super excited about finding something fun....aka a blanket on the couch or something of that nature. I have started leaving receiving blankets, old shirts, and burp clothes around for him to find. He is too funny when he finally finds them! Levi is still my toothless wonder. I see one about to break on the top though. Apparently he is going Nathan's route of getting teeth!

Nathan - He is such a happy baby. Seriously he laughs at anything! He is my last baby to move. I am waiting for him to crawl. He is no where near it though. He has started moving in a circle while sitting so at least he is trying to move somehow! He just loves to sit and play. His favorite toys right now are the ring stacker and a little people bus with some little people in it. He loves to turn the bus over and spin the wheels. I have a feeling he might be my tinkerer in the future! :) Nathan now has 2 teeth! He has one on top and one on bottom. He is very close to cutting the 2nd top tooth. Don't stick your finger in his mouth you might get bit!

Paige - The princess. She is on the move 24/7. She crawls everywhere and is pulling herself up on everything. She is also starting to take a few steps while holding on to things. She has also become quite the snuggler. When she started to crawl she would always crawl into whomever is on the floor's lap and just cuddle. I love it. She is so cute when she is cuddling. She is also quite the chatterbox. Every now and then I swear I hear a real word. I am waiting to hear it over and over a couple times before I say yes it's a real word. She has started waving which is super cute. Today we went to ikea and she was waving to strangers. Haha. Paige has 2 teeth on the bottom. I don't see any sign of teeth anytime soon coming in up top. Her bottom teeth are still not all the way in!

We have been playing out in their playroom more and more. We start our day in the living room and after naptime we will go play in the playroom. I just move the gate a little and let them crawl in their themselves. I sometimes open the door to the playroom to get some air throughout the house and they have started thinking that if I open the door they get to go play out there. Oh the meltdowns when they can't get out there. Levi especially. He checks to see if I have moved the gate several times a day. He books it when he sees it open. It is very cute.

So of course I need to show off their 10 month photos. I know I say this every time but man they are a challenge to photograph! This time they all realized that if they raised their legs in the air and brought them back down again they would bounce on the couch. Too funny. It was also funny when they tried it on the floor later and the bounce factor was just not there!


My trio!

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