Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 months old!

Yesterday my trio turned 9 months old! I still can't believe it! In 3 months they will be 1 year old! So on with the bragging about my babies!

Levi: my little wild man. Levi is just now starting to move a little when he is on the ground. While sitting he can rotate around in a circle. He loves music and even dances with it. His favorite song is the ABC's....sung by Mommy of course! He loves to anyone who will listen! He also has discovered the art of screaming.....just to hear himself. He has started fighting with his siblings already. They play tug of war with their toys and he pulls hair and hits. Gotta love his spunk!

Nathan: my little giggler. Seriously he laughs at everything! He is sitting well on his own now. He just started putting toys in his mouth and is somewhat starting to feed himself. His best friend is his binky and tigger lovie.

Paige: my little dare devil. She has done so much this past month! She is now crawling and trying to climb on everything! She also cut her 2 bottom teeth! They arn't fully in yet, but they are definitely there! She is quite the talker as well. She does dadada baba dididi and gigigi all day long. She loves to hear her own voice and talks no matter where she is. She also figured out how to sit up on her own. She can now go from belly to sitting all by herself. I love going to get her out of her crib now because she is sitting there with a big smile on her face!

I know I have set it before but their photo shoots are getting harder and harder. Paige kept trying to crawl off, Levi was crying, and Nathan was in Nathan land. Paige also kept trying to eat the 9 month sticker. Oh well. Maybe next month! haha. Maybe we will have at least 2 crawlers by then!



9 months!

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