Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 7th 2010

I turned 30! I planned for months that I wanted to take the trio to the zoo for the first time on my birthday. I wanted to do something special because 30 is a big birthday in my mind. We didn't have money for a party like we had originally wanted to do to celebrate both of us turning 30. So I planned Alan's special day just the 2 of us and on my day the zoo. Well we went to the zoo but it wasn't the way I pictured it. I pictured Alan and I taking our babies to the zoo for the first time together. Showing the babies the animals and taking all sorts of pictures. Maybe getting an ice cream cone and sharing it with the babies for their first taste of ice cream. Well I'm sure you can guess by now it didn't go as planned.

I woke up on my birthday and we fed the babies as usual. The plan was to be out of the door by 8:30am. Well true to form Alan needed to go and get a few things. Aka...needed to get me a birthday card. Oh yea and did I mention Alan's parents were visiting? So everyone is getting ready while I play with the babies and the feed them their breakfast. Since Alan's parents were coming I invited my Mom and Stephanie to come too. So my Mom and sister show up at 8:30am. The first thing they said to me was happy birthday. They were the first to say it. Were we ready? Um no. I was trying to get everything ready for the babies as well as the babies dressed and ready. Somewhere in there I got dressed quickly too. We got everything loaded and off we went. Of course I forgot their bottles and since we left before Alan and his parents I called them to go back to get them. We met at Wawa and went to the zoo from there.

At the zoo we unloaded and went in. Now I was excited to see the lego animals they have at the Philadelphia zoo right now. We got trading cards for each of the exhibits and everything. It was very neat.Since Stephanie had just been to the zoo with work a couple weeks ago we let her be our tour guide. Well I am glad that my Mom and Steph came since Alan and his parents walked about 10 to 20 feet behind us the whole time. Mom helped out a lot with the babies and opened doors and such for me. Of course about halfway through our visit Levi decided to have a blowout. Now normally as backup clothes I just have a onesie. Well luckily that morning I decided to actually put in some actual clothes for them just in case! After his wardrobe change I really wanted to find the lego polar bear. We walked around until we finally found it. My favorite part of the zoo was the monkey house. I love to see all the cute monkeys! After that we found a place to have lunch. After lunch we did a diaper change and then we headed home.

After we got home Mom and Steph left and went home. We let the babies play a little then it was nap time. I basically spent the rest of the day playing on the computer. Alan worked on his car with his Dad, helped me put the babies to bed for the night, took down his tent out back, and work in the garage with his Dad on his bike. His parents got us Pino's for dinner. When they were out they picked up a cake, which Alan asked them to, for me. That was nice. That was the only time of the day any of them recognized that it was my birthday. It made me very sad since I tried so hard to make Alan's 30th birthday special. *sigh* maybe next year.

Well i can't write about the zoo and not show off our zoo trip in pictures! Enjoy!

Alan and the trio in front of the lego penguins.

Momma giraffe and her baby.

Stephanie and her warthog friend

Alan the orangutan made of legos




My family :)

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