Monday, September 13, 2010

9 month stats

We went to the Dr. today. The trio is doing great and growing like weeds!

Levi: 16lbs 10oz 28"
Nathan: 18lbs 2oz 29"
Paige: 16lbs 1oz 27"

The Dr. says they are doing well and was very impressed with Paige and all she can do! She is a little concerned with Nathan. He is behind the other 2. Which isn't a surprise he has always been a little behind. She feels he has fallen further behind and wants to make sure he doesn't need any physical therapy or anything of that sort. I will be calling early intervention hopefully long as I remember. I will be the first to say that I am horrible with things like this. I hate to talk on the phone...especially to people I don't know. Other than that everything is going great. We got the go ahead to take them off of the preemie formula. Yay. We are also ok to give them eggs and basically whatever we are eating...within reason. I am going to try to now cook dinner for all 5 of us. The way we have been doing it is we feed the babies and then after they go to bed we scrounge for food. I say scrounge because sometimes I am too tired to cook by then and I just have something quick and easy. So as soon as I get to go grocery shopping we are going to start to have family dinners! I am pretty excited about this! :)

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