Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Play room

So now that I sold a bunch of their old things I was finally able to get their play room up and running. So now we can play in the play room or play in the living room. They love the change of scenery and different toys to play with. I took a blow up pool that I had bought and we haven't used yet and blew up one level (it has 3) and added some ball pit balls. I need to get some more balls for it but so far they like it. And Paige can crawl in and out of it because it isn't that high. We also had to finally get the gate out in the living room. Miss Paige has been getting herself into some trouble and has been exploring. Lots of changes in the Dean house! I am just waiting for Levi to catch up with Paige. He is so close! Here are pictures of our new set up!

play room

gated living room

Daddy playing with the toys....I mean boys :)

help I'm trapped!

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