Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter!

I am attempting to bring blogging back! We had a great Easter this year. The kids spent a week or so before Easter chanting about bunny and eggs. We did the usual go to the mall and see the Easter bunny. Nathan gave him a high five and that is about as close as we got to him. So we said our hellos to the big bunny and went on our way :)

Thursday before Easter my cousin Abby came over with her 2 boys and we dyed Easter eggs. I had read somewhere to use whisks to put the eggs in so that the kids could easily dip and dye their eggs. We decided to try it out.

Nathan dying his eggs.

Levi dying his eggs.

Paige dying her eggs.

The whisks worked great! We had them shirtless just in case. Paige would get distracted and spilled her cup twice. Other than that no big messes. They had a blast!

Saturday night we let them put the Easter grass in their baskets. While I like them doing things for themselves this may not have been the best of decisions. We are still finding Easter grass. Haha.

Nathan very proud of his Easter basket.

Yay baskets!

The Easter bunny came!

Easter morning checking out their loot.

All clean and ready for church.

After church at Grammy and Pop-pop's house.

Easter pictures :)

Grammy and Pop-pop got the kids swimsuits and goggles. Nathan though his goggles were best used on the horse. Heeeey yaaaaaaaa!

Levi in his new Toy story goggles.

Aunt Stephanie wearing goggles!

Easter egg hunt!

We have discovered the wonderful art of kite flying. Alan being the "pro" that he is decided after 1 week of flying a thin little kite he was ready for a big kite that needed 2 different strings to guide and fly. Here are 3 men and a toddler trying to figure out how to put this magical kite together.

The boys riding their bikes.

Attempting to fly the magic kite. Ummm where is the wind?

Ooooooh look it's in the air! And it stayed there for maybe a minute or so. Progress!

Meanwhile Aunt Stephanie is being a monster with Nathan :)

Look a kite! Oh wait it's Pop-pop flying Lightning McQueen! Go Pop-pop!

A kite!

Nathan flying the kite with Pop-pop.

Uh oh. Pop-pop got Lightning McQueen stuck in a tree!

We had a great Easter. Lots of fun with our family. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast. They eventually got the kite out of the tree. Unfortunately Alan got it stuck later that evening and it is still up there. Levi keeps pointing to it and saying Daddy get it. So yea Alan get on that. Daddy get it! :)

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