Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have just gotten home from a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. I am extremely full and ready for the turkey coma to take full affect. I see my bed in the near future! We had a casual day today which consisted of playing with kids, cleaning, laundry, and Alan worked on our roof some. After the kids napped we headed to Grammy and Pop-pop's house for dinner. Yum.

This would be the kiddie table. I gave them a little of everything. They ate Their corn bread, their cranberry sauce, and that's about it. Levi tried the mashed potatoes and a bite of turkey but that is about it. After that the commenced with being noisy and playing with everything they could find. Eating with 3 toddlers is fun! (insert sarcastic tone here) lol

 Here is the adult table. This year Thanksgiving is with the other side of the family for most of us and Christmas is with the whole extended family. Dinner was great with some good company and fun conversation.

 During clean up the kids and Daddy were playing with a box. Isn't this a nice package they brought me?

And then came another one.

And here is a little girl in a box. We made sure we all had a turn. We ended the night with a really good "pumpkin cake" that my cousin Jamie made from a recipe she found on Pinterest. It was so good! Then Jammies and home to bed.

I am so thankful for my family. I don't know where I would be without them. I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving and are recovering from the turkey coma nicely. If you are shopping tomorrow on good Friday good luck and be safe. I will be at work watching all the crazies out shopping!

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