Monday, August 8, 2011

Ringing Rocks

The day after our play date with Kieran, Melissa and John wanted to go see Ringing Rocks. I was all for except one minor detail. How the heck would I take 3 toddlers to Ringing Rocks!?! For those of you that don't know Ringing Rocks is a park in my area that has basically a huge field full of boulders or "rocks" if you will. If you bring a hammer and go out into the boulder field and hit the rocks you can get different tones of of the rocks and make them ring. It is very neat! There is also a hiking path that leads up to waterfalls. So again I as myself how would I take 3 toddlers? Even with Alan there they still outnumber us. Until they are much older I think we will be coming across this problem more and more.

So I decided to meet Melissa, John, and Kieran at Ringing Rocks and bring along Levi. He is more adventurous of the 3 and I thought he would have a blast. I was right! He loved walking around and climbing on the rocks. When we were walking back Kieran decided to make it his goal to sit on every rock we came upon! Haha. Levi and I were up ahead and Levi kept saying go go! Too funny!

Kieran is trying to "ring" some rocks. Levi is climbing around!

Kieran and John ringing some rocks.

Levi ringing some rocks.

Levi is my anti stranger kid. I handed him to Melissa to put him on a rock with Kieran so we could take a picture. Well Levi was less than thrilled to be picked up by someone he didn't know! Poor kid! :) I also love how Kieran is looking at him like what is wrong with you?

Levi on the rocks a little miffed cause of the previous picture. Haha.

Levi climbed onto this rock on his own so we plunked Kieran next to him real quick so we could get a picture!

We hiked down to the falls. Here are the falls with John taking a picture of the falls. This is a close as I could get safely with Levi. :)

We had an awesome time and I can't wait till my trio is old enough to take all 3 together. They will have so much fun!

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