Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's December!

24 more days till Christmas! Not only is Christmas my absolute favorite holiday, from the lights to the music and everything else in between, this year the kids are really getting into it and very excited. We have been talking about Santa and lights and all the fun things to come. We got them their first Advent calenders this year.

Of course the are Disney. :) They have the kids new found love in them as well. Chocolate.

Paige having a taste of her chocolate.

Mommy helping Levi open his first day.

He is excited to see what is inside!

Nathan looking to see what is on his chocolate.

I am not sure they quite understand the concept of the advent calender yet. I hope that by the time Christmas is here they will understand. We shall see.

Later in the afternoon, after nap, we decided to go to Perkasie's tree lighting ceremony. They make a big to do with lights ad live music and all sorts of places to shop and such. The kids were very excited to see Santa come. He comes in to light the tree.

Alan and the kids in front of the unlit tree. Paige was trying to crouch down like Daddy.

 While walking around we found some plastic Santa's and snowmen. I asked the kids if they wanted to get their picture taken. Alan decided to take a picture of me with the kids when someone asked if we wanted them to take a picture for us. They did a great job! We have so few of the 5 of us together. I am so happy we got this picture.

We scoped out and got the perfect spot to see Santa arrive as well as the tree being lit. Here we are waiting for him to come!

Santa is here! He came to town on a cherry picker! They had everyone sing Santa Claus is coming to town. It was really neat hearing everyone sing all together.

Getting ready to light the tree.

Going up!

 Counting down to light the tree.

Hooray! The tree is lit!

After lighting the tree Santa Threw candy canes for everyone to catch. The family next to us were old hats at this and were smart and brought their own. They were very nice and gave some to use so that our kids could get some too.

Paige with her candy cane.

When we got home we decided some hot chocolate to warm us up.

With marshmallows!

Levi enjoying his hot chocolate.

Nathan likes it!

Paige thinks it's good!

A perfect way to end our night. Let's hope the rest of December is just as good! :)

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