Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is officially 2013! We had a great year 2012 and I hope 2013 brings as much fun and happiness as 2012 did. To jump start 2013 I decided to take on a challenge. A 365 challenge where I take a picture every day of 2013. Taking the pictures won't be a problem with me I don't think but I also want to post them on the blog. I hope that will keep me on my toes and keep the blog up and running!

So for my first picture in 2013 I took a picture of the kids getting ready to play their new cootie board game they got from Aunt Stephanie. They got a bunch of board games for Christmas and they are having a blast playing games. We play a game or 4 every day!

Here they are patiently waiting to play. It took me a while to free all the little plastic pieces from their plastic homes but here it is all set up and ready to go! It is different then the cootie I used to play as a kid. There are 4 different eyes, ears/hats, mouths, and feet! When I played they were all the same just the color of the bug was different. They are cute. We played the right way to start but then they started to get a little impatient and just wanted to build their bugs so after every roll, no matter what number they got, they picked a piece. Eventually I am sure we will play the right way all the way through but we are getting used to board games and taking turns so I think we had a good first game!

Our finished bugs! Yay!

And now we play with our bugs. I love that they are now old enough for board games. I love to play board games so this is right up my ally. We still have many more games we have to try. They tend to keep going back to the first couple that we have played. Their absolute favorite game right now is  Jake and the Neverland Pirates game Who shook Hook. It is really and they love to play it!

Our first day of 2013 is going great so far. I hope it will be a great year. Happy New Year! :)

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