Sunday, January 13, 2013

Donut Sunday

Every Sunday after church we take the kids to Giant and get them a donut. It is such a fun treat for everyone (including Mom and Dad!). We go in the store and the kids "walk by selfs" through the store. Levi is a big one who has really started wanting to do things himself. They then pick out their donuts. What is nice is that Giant usually has a nice selection of donuts made just for kids. We have gotten stars and footballs and Christmas trees just to name a few. They each pick their donut and then we pick up any other odds and ends we need and homeward bound we go. I usually cut their donuts in half and give half for lunch on Sunday and the other half with breakfast on Monday. Today however I had a request to not cut them. I decided to see how much they would eat and let them have them whole today. They ate most of them! I was shocked! I also decided to play a little with my other lens while they ate.




Mmmm donuts!

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