Thursday, January 10, 2013

scrubby dubby

It has been a while since I have done a tub time photo. Mainly it is because I usually bathe them 1 by 1. I get less wet that way and I enjoy the one on one time I get with each of them. Tonight they decided they wanted to take a bath together. I of course saw it as a photo opportunity and clicked away as they played.

Still pretty dry here. Paige has some nice pony tail head going on. Haha. I think it is kinda funny that they now put themselves in this order a lot. This is the order I used to do their monthly photos in. Probably a coincidence. Happens often though.

Getting wet!

All soaped up! I do love that they have so much fun together.

All clean! And a little cold. Haha.

Now they are all ready for their 3 year well check tomorrow. Yes that's right I said 3 year well check. Yikes where has time gone?

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