Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Such a good Daddy

I feel like a lot of my posts are about food lately. It is something we are working on so I just go with it. Once it gets warmer hopefully we will get more interesting. lol. Tuesday night is Alan's night to cook dinner. I have Girl Scouts on Tuesday nights so I am usually busy getting stuff ready for that. Tonight was pancakes. Alan loves to make pancakes since he got his electric griddle for Christmas. Now that he has a bigger surface to cook on he has been experimenting with making fun shapes for the kids with their pancakes! Last time we had pancakes we had a bunch of Mickey and Minnie mouses. This time Alan decided to try and branch out a bit.

On the griddle first was a Batman on the right per Nathan's request. On the left is a spider web for Spiderman. Levi has a thing for Spiderman right now.

The spider web didn't quite make the flip.

Paige asked for Ariel. If you look really hard you can see her fin and her hair flowing. Look really hard now! Haha. Both Alan and I worked together to create this masterpiece!

While Alan was cooking Levi was building. He got these magnet tiles for Christmas and builds things with them every day. He loves to build houses and garages for his cars. "take a picture of my house Mommy!" He is so proud.

Tonight was our cookie meeting for Girls Scouts. All the girls got their starter packs of cookies for our cookie sale! The sale starts this Thursday the 17th. Look for a Girl Scout after Thursday and buy your cookies!


  1. I think I have the same griddle and also love it! We do pancakes and grilled cheese on it a lot. Someone told me that if you use one of the bottles they fill with ketchup and mustard at restaurants (you know the yellow or red ones) that it helps make shape pancakes easier. Your kids are cuties!

  2. Thanks! After we were done playing I remembered I have something similar for filling cupcakes and I think we are going to try that next time. I think we may also cheat and use cookie cutters too! lol