Saturday, January 26, 2013


Tonight was our annual chili cook off at church. We missed it last year because we were sick. I was excited to go this year. People cook either chili or BBQ and enter it in the competition. I entered our chili recipe, that I got from my friend Liss, in the cook off 2 years ago and won third place. I had big plans to enter this year. Then I got scheduled to work. So it was all up to Alan. I came home from work today to the house smelling like chili. It smelled good! (and this is coming from someone who doesn't really eat chili)

I had the task of revamping the winners hats. They were sad looking and kinda falling apart. I wish I had gotten a before picture but I added lights to the chili hat and prettied up the BBQ hat.

Here are the new and improved hats!

The chili hats. It has 2 battery packs to power it's lights. Next year I plan on getting all red lights to replace the rainbow colors.  :)

The barbeque hat. Or perhaps we should call it the Barbeque crown now! :)

My Dad's barbershop quartet form the Bucks Country Gentlemen preformed. I love when my Dad's group sings. If you ever need singers for anything contact them because they are awesome! The even do singing Valentine's! (hint hint Alan :P )

The kids did some drawing on a blackboard. Kinda funny since a lot of school no longer have these. How long till kids don't know what a chalkboard is?

Getting ready to announce the winners! I actually judge the barbeque every year. This year there was only 2 entries. There were 4 judges. The barbeques tied.....twice. We had to go to a 5th person to break the tie!

Clapping for the winner!

There were 12 entries for the chili contest.
Guess who won!?!

Alan! He was so surprised! He has never made chili before. I guess he can make a mean chili! Way to go Alan! :)

He looks good in the hat right? Now he has to wear the hat to church tomorrow! Hahaha.

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