Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Depot

Today we had a wonderful family day. I learned a few months ago that Home Depot does a Kids workshop. Back when I saw it they advertised it for 3 and up. So today we decided to go see what it was about. We had so much fun. The kids got an apron and a kit to make a birdhouse. Alan and I helped the kids hammer their birdhouses together.

Levi actually took the instructions when it wasn't his turn to hammer and figured out which piece he would need next. We have a little smarty pants on our hands!

The boys absolutely loved hammering with real hammers and nails. Paige lost interest as we went but she still had fun. I think the amount of people there had her wary as well. A Boy Scout troop was there with us as well as a bunch of other kids!

My proud kiddos showing off their birdhouses they built!

After we finished building them we painted! Believe it or not but they did great and did not get any paint on their white shirts. However I unknowingly leaned up against the table getting paint on my jeans. Hopefully it comes out.....if not I now have a new pair of work pants!

Their finished masterpieces!

They also received a pin and a certificate of achievement. It was so much fun! Next month is a Valentine box. I can't wait!

After Home Depot we took the kids to Mr. B's which is a coffee shop with an indoor playground. Perfect for cold days. While the kids played with Alan watching I left to go get these...

That's right. It is almost Girl Scout cookie time! Yum! Now I just need to resist all of these. Haha.

My usual Saturdays consist of laundry and cleaning since Alan is home to watch the kids and I can get more done. I am so happy we decided to do something fun instead. The laundry can wait.

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