Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dinner is served

One of my new years resolutions is to cook better meals for our family. I was getting tired of 4pm rolling around every day and the same question would come up every day. What's for dinner? Depending on the day and my mood we would go for simple and easy or what will the kids actually eat so we can enjoy dinner.

Well that needed to change. So I will now be meal planning for the week on Saturday or Sunday and then grocery shopping for food for the week. So far this week has been going great. I even got Alan to eat leftovers tonight! Now that is an accomplishment in and of itself!

Last night I made chicken noodle soup from scratch. It was delicious! I didn't use all of the chicken in the soup though. So tonight I made chicken and gravy over biscuits. Alan is really into making breads and things so he made the biscuits and I made the rest. The kids are horrible eaters when it come to dinner time. I am tired of it. The past 2 nights they had something that went with dinner that they like but only a little of it. If they want more of that item they must try something else from their plate. So far the only one who has done this is Levi. But He ate chicken noodle soup last night and chicken and gravy and corn tonight. I call that a win in my book!

My photo for today is our dinner. The cranberry sauce is the one thing on their plate that all 3 ate. Paige ate a biscuit or two that hadn't touched chicken and Levi ate biscuits, some chicken, and some corn.

Mmmm makes me want some more! Hopefully I will keep up with this resolution and all 3 kids will be eating new things in no time! Tomorrow night is cheesy ham and potato casserole. Yummy!

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