Monday, January 7, 2013

1,2,3.....ready or not here I come!

We ar learning how to play hide and seek! It is pretty funny because they just want to seek. You tell them to hide and start to count and they just stand there behind you. So instead they count.

You have to hide fast though cause they only count to about 5 before they want to come look. They can count further they just don't have the patience for it! lol

Daddy is hiding. There arn't too many places to really hide. That and when the kids finally decide they want to hide I don't need them in my cabinets and stuff just yet.

I found him! What a fun game. They are loving all sorts of games now. Perhaps they will play with each other once they get the hang of it. I love when they play with each other and pretend. So much fun to watch. :)

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