Friday, January 11, 2013


They looked cute online. Sure the reviews weren't all that great but hey it would be fun right? The kids got tents that fit over their beds for Christmas. I had put it on their wishlist because they looked like fun. Well we decided to try them out tonight. Ugh. They were not easy to get together and on the beds. They are also very flimsy and Nathan's wasn't up long before they "broke" it and it needed some tlc.

Levi got his favorite Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

And Nathan of course got Cars.

And here is Princess "I refuse to smile for the camera" in her princess tent.

Would I recommend these? Well that depends. If you have 2 boys who share a room and wreck the place on a daily basis? No. If you have one child who goes to bed relatively easy and does not swing from the rafters. Yes. Levi's tent lasted about a half an hour. We need to fix what we fixed on Nathan's since they did the same to Levi's. Nathan's another 15 minutes after that. They decided to totally dismantle his piece by piece. Paige is happily sleeping in hers. At least they looked neat for the short time they were up right?

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