Friday, January 18, 2013


Now I love a good deal. I am the type of person who starts shopping for Christmas....the day after Christmas. I like the clearance rack. One good clearance sale I try to hit every year is Target. The mark the toys they don't keep year round ridiculously low. I love it. Yesterday they marked their clearance toys 70% off. I had to go! We decided tonight to take the kids out to use some of their gift cards and really just get out of the house for a bit. First stop was Toys R Us. The kids got gift cards there for Christmas and I had a couple duplicate things I needed to return. We then let them each pick out a toy to use their gift cards on.

We started on the "girl" side looking at Barbie's and Princess stuff for Paige. She stopped at everything and tried to load up her arms with whatever she could carry! Hahaha. She finally settled on a Little Mermaid toy. Then we walked around to look at the games for the tablet. We decided to wait till they go on sale! Then off to the Spiderman and Batman aisles. Levi found a remote control batmobile that he had to have. Alan also saw this and I can honestly say I am not sure who is more excited to play with it Levi or Alan. My bets are with Alan though because I don't think Levi quite understands what all it can do yet. Last but not least we traveled to the cars section. Because Nathan doesn't have enough cars. He selected a 20 car matchbox set. I tried to sway him to something different but he had his heart set on it. We also got Doc McStuffins on DVD. All in all not too bad and we still have money left!

Next up we stopped at the Mall. Mainly because we can't go to Montgomeryville without visiting the Mickey store! I really wanted to get a pair of Woody pj's there for Levi. We have a set of Buzz and a set of Jesse. I need to finish the trio with a set of Woody but they didn't have his size. They did however have Spiderman ones we may have to eventually get. I ended up getting something that is more for me than the kids. I got a stamp set that I can use in their scrapbooks and stuff. I mean I guess I can let them play with it too. lol.

Last up was Target. We also had gift cards leftover from their birthday to use there. What is interesting is that at Toys R US we were looking at a Tinkerbell innotab game for $25. We found it at Target on clearance for $7! awesome find! We also got a Jake toy for $12 that was originally $40! Whoa! See why I love their sales!?! We got some awesome stuff.

I am hoping they forgot they saw some of these things so I can put them away for a later date. We shall see tomorrow! We will have fun playing with some of our new things tomorrow. Can't wait!

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