Friday, September 23, 2011

I have lost my mojo

And I have no clue where to find it! I haven't really been in the mood to post on top of the fact that I have been really busy. I am not sure exactly what the problem is but I have been somewhat avoiding my blog. I am not sure if it is time, or I got so far behind that I will never catch up, or part of me is kinda iffy about the new look. I just need a swift kick in tha pants! Which I guess I kinda got since I had 2 people wanting to know why I hadn't blogged in 22 days. Wow who knew it had been that long!?! So I am going to attempt once again to get caught up and post more pics and such. And just to sweeten you up a little since it has been a while I will post a pic just for you!

This is my 3 getting themselves in trouble. My main trouble maker is Levi with Nathan pulling in close second since he wants to do what Levi does. I swear they are in cahoots with one another! Paige and I were reading books in the living room and I heard screaming coming from the playroom. Now screaming is not uncommon in this household but Paige and I decided to go check and see what was going on. This is what we walked in on......

Nathan is happily swinging his legs on top of the shelf. Levi however somehow got himself pinned between the shelf and the sliding glass doors. And like any good mother I grabbed my camera to get a picture! Ah toddlers. They are so much fun!

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