Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sesame Place

Back in July we took the kids to Sesame Place with Melissa, John, and Kieran. We decided to do the dry stuff first and went to the rides. The first thing we decided to do was the carousel. Well when the kids rode the carousel at Giggleberry fair Levi was the only one who liked it. So we decided that Alan would just take Levi and I would wait with the other 2 off to the side. Well Levi freaked out. He screamed and carried on throughout the whole ride. I felt so bad for Levi and for Alan.

After the carousel we went to a little playground and let them run around. From there we went to a little bounce area with big foam blocks. They really enjoyed running around and playing there with the other kids. Next we went to Big Birds balloon race. Basically just "hot air balloons" that you ride up and down in. Alan was still remembering the last ride so I took Nathan on the ride. He seemed iffy but never voiced his opinion. He was too short to really see anything though which I think made a difference.

Next we went to meet some characters. We got our picture taken with Big Bird! Elmo was out too but of course as we came around he went in for a break. We waited to Kieran could see him since he is fond of Elmo. Then was dinner. After dinner we went on one more ride so Paige could have a turn. We decided on Elmo's flying fish. Well Paige loved it! After she wanted to go on the swings. I told her when she was older.

Then we donned our suits to go play in the water part of the park. They had a blast! I need to still get my pics developed from the waterpark. I took a waterproof camera in with us to there. Some day when I remember to take it in I will get those pics back. All in all we had a great time. We went around 4pm and left around 8pm. I think it worked out really well for us. Wasn't too hot and the kids had a nap beforehand. Win win!

Levi before the carousel started to move....kinda iffy about it.

Paige and Nathan watching the carousel with Mommy.

John playing in the playground with the kids!

Bouncing along.

Paige playing with the blocks.

2 kids laying down? yea those are my boys. They ran into each other and then ended up laying down laughing.

Big Bird!


Paige and I on the flying fish.

Getting ready to go.

Yay Sesame Place! Funny story. When I was taking this picture as we were leaving people stopped to watch and this one couple came up to me and told me that their picture should be in the Sesame Place calender. haha.

We had a great time. Not sure we will ever get back there since it will cost us too much money once they are 2. This year they were free which didn't make it too bad. Maybe some day we will make it back there. We shall see. We had a great time and I would highly recommend taking a trip there! I can still remember going there as a kid and it was still fun even being an adult!

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