Friday, December 17, 2010

12 month stats

On Wednesday we went to the Dr. for their 12 month check up. As usual they got shots. What was different this time is we didn't handle them so well. In the past they have been really good at the Dr.s but this time they were not so sure about the whole thing. Paige was especially not ok with anything the Dr. did. Only when all the "strangers" left the room did she settle down. I guess we have just reached yet another stage.

Levi: weight- 18lbs 11oz. 3%  height- 30.5in. 73%
They all got a toe prick and blood drawn to check for anemia. Levi's came back as low so we need to go for further blood testing. He also woke up that day with extremely crusty eyes. We are going to be taking Levi to the eye Dr. and he may need to get his eye ducts probed to unclog them. He has had this problem since birth and they usually grow out of it by a year. Levi just may need some help.

Nathan: weight- 19lbs 10oz. 8%  height- 30.75in. 78%
Nathan is doing well. He is behind the other 2 but we are working on getting him caught up. He is seeind a physical therapist twice a month to get him caught up.

Paige: weight- 17lbs 2oz. 3%  height- 29in. 47%
The Dr. seemed a little worried about Paige's weight. I find it interesting since she eats like a little piggy. The Dr. said to try to get more calories in her and we will check her again at her 15 month check up. We will have to see till then.

All three of them are off of formula. Hooray! I am secretly doing the no more formula dance! They have already transitioned to drinking whole milk. Not only are they drinking whole milk but they are drinking it our of sippy cups. That's right no more bottles! I truly have 3 toddlers on my hands. They are getting so big! All in all they are doing great and growing like little weeds. :)

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  1. They all look like happy, healthy, and adorable babies to me!! I'm glad to hear their 1 year check-up went pretty well.