Monday, December 27, 2010


Have I ever mentioned how much my trio loves books!?! I have a little corner set up in our living room with a bin of books. Throughout the day they will go over and just look at books. Paige will "read" them out load to herself. They also love to have books read to them. We read books several times a day. I am trying to get in the habit of reading them a story before naps. We have done it maybe 2 times so far. We will get there though. My favorite books to read to them are the Llama llama series. They are cute and they have a lot of rhyming which I like. The trio loves a book they got for their birthday called I love my Mommy. It is a very large board book which is nice because I can leave it out for them to look at. On occasion Levi likes to eat our books, well just one in particular. He likes the taste of The eye book from Dr. Suess. No clue why but he has eaten the corner off of the cover and is now working on the second page. Silly boy. They love when Alan reads to them. I took their photo the other day. Yes they actually sit still to hear a story and I now have proof!

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