Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas eve was a lot more fun this year then last. Last year we had just brought Levi home from the hospital day. Nathan and Paige had come home the day before. It was our first night with all 3 babies!

This year it kinda felt like it was their first Christmas. Last year was such a blur. This year we took them to the 4pm church service. After that we went to Grammy and Pop-pop's for dinner. In my family we always did gifts from each other and from other family that mailed them in, on Christmas eve. So we did a few gifts as well. We also did a skype session with Alan's parents and some of his relatives so they could see the trio. All in all it was a busy night but it was a lot of fun. The boys looked all snazzy in their Christmas duds and Paige looked very pretty in her dress from my Uncle Gary and Roy.

After Grammy and Pop-pop's we went home and put the trio to bed and then Santa worked his magic. And by magic I mean wrapping gifts at the last minute before putting them under the tree!

Our pitiful tree. I tried to decorate it the best I could but I never did get to finish it.

After church at Grammy and Pop-pop's

Levi's version of opening gifts

Pop-pop helping Nathan


Alan opening his gift from the trio

Daddy has been jealous of the trio's footed jammies so they bought him a pair for Christmas!

Grammy and Pop-pop's tree!

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