Monday, December 27, 2010


I was going through my photos a few weeks ago and realized the last time I took tub pictures was in September! Gasp! That will not do. Do I took new tubby time photos. Tub time has changed a lot since September. We are still bathing 3 babies together. It has it's challenges but it works for us right now. Levi and Paige like to roam around the bath tub and stand up here and there. The bottom of our tub is thankfully textured so we haven't had any slipping and falling as of yet. Now as I get the bath tub ready and such Alan is in our room undressing the babies and getting them ready for the bath. When the tub is full we open the door and the parade of babies in diapers comes on out. They have been good thus far and their parade route stops at the bathroom. We need to get a gate upstairs though soon. I am waiting for the day our parade takes the long route to the bathroom!

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