Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Santa! He came! We had a great Christmas. We got up at our usual time and did our normal morning routine. After their morning nap (they sleep till 10:30am) my parents and sisters came over to do Christmas with us. They got a lot of presents! Lucky kids! It was a lot of fun watching them open their gifts. They didn't really know what to make of it though. Then later that day we all went to my cousin Beth's for Christmas dinner. Much fun was had by all!

Santa came!


Santa set up a Little People Christmas village to play with.

Grammy and Pop-pop got them a table and chairs set. Here they are trying out the chair.



Aunt Kristen sitting at the table. It's a blackboard table!!


Paige got Sam Wiggle!

Levi tasting Anthony Wiggle and Nathan had Murray Wiggle. 
They also got Jeff Wiggle and Captain Feathersword!

Their new tool bench from Santa

Presents from Aunt Stephanie and Travis

Nathan loves his new Mickey hat! 
Thanks Aunt Stephanie and Travis! lol

Levi checking his hat out.

Stephanie and Travis in the hats I made them :)

Levi with all their new stuffed animals. 
I think we are good on the stuffed animal quota for a while! :)

At Beth and Mark's


Levi and Pop-pop.
Levi isn't used to seeing so much hair from that seat. :) lol 
love you Alan :)

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