Friday, February 8, 2013

Let imaginations flow

Imaginations in this household are in full swing. Between all the games we play and all the characters we become a lot of fun is being had all around! Our 2 favorite games right now are hide and seek, and ring around the rosie. They are too funny watching them play hide and seek. One goes up the stairs to count. The other 2 go "hide" Levi usually hides under a blanket on the couch. This usually means he just covers his head while giggling a lot. Nathan heads for the bathroom. He goes in for about a minute and then comes out giggling before the seeker even comes to find him! Paige usually walks around giggling or she hides behind a chair. It is too funny to watch them play!

Ring around the rosie is also entertaining to watch. They usually try to rush me to the ashes to ashes part so they can all fall down.

Also notice that we are starting to dress ourselves. Paige picked her outfit out herself today! And Levi put his pants on all by himself. I love that their personalities are starting to shine more and more every day!

We all fall down!

Another favorite right now is playing dress up. They all love to dress up! They are also big into super heros too. We like to save the world!

Pretty Miss Paige.

In comes the swat team and superman!

The mess we create when we are dressing up! Notice Superman on the couch "flying"

We are all flying like Superman!

Say hello to Dr. Dean and Fancy Nancy.

I used to "bike" with my Dad on the couch all the time. I have started doing that with the kids and they started doing it with each other. Too cute!

2/3rds of the Justice League and a pink dinosaur!

Just doing the dishes.....with a little help.

Thank goodness the help is cute! Or as she says...."Mommy I a cootie!"

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