Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stop....Hammer time

That's right it was Home Depot day again. Today we took the kids to Home Depot to build Valentines boxes. Paige was really into hammering this time and was upset when she was finished. Of course we had lots of fun and have some cute boxes to show for it!

Levi with his protective eye wear. He thought they were fun to play with.

We did it! We made some cute mail boxes!

Now we add paint. Notice Daddy cleaning up Paige's hair. She decided pink was her color! Hahaha.

The finished product. :)

We decided to hang them by our basement door. Now I have a place to put love notes for them.

I added some letter stickers for their names. I think they turned out really cute and I can't wait to leave little notes for them!

We love this program that Home Depot does. I highly suggest going if you have little kids. They do it the first Saturday of every month. Next month is a race car. My boys are going to love that one! I can't wait!

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