Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a very low key super bowl Sunday this year. Just us and the kids hanging out at home. We decided to have a Digiorno pizza. I of course had a coupon. Paige and I went to Giant to pick up our pizza. While we were at Giant the boys decided to do some baking.

Peppermint sugar cookies! They have been in the fridge a while so we thought we should use them before they expired.

While at the store they had football balloons on clearance. Now I like a clearance and the kids love balloons so it was a win win in my book. Something to make our super bowl just a little special. :)

Go football! Alan was yelling at the tv and the kids were right there yelling with him. It was too funny. If Alan cheered they cheered. They started clapping for anything that happened on the tv. very cute.

The kids are now in bed and this is how Alan and I are enjoying the commercials......I mean the game....yea the game that's it. ;)

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