Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clean house

That seems to be all I have been doing lately. Clean, clean, clean! I have been getting ready for Alan's family to come into town for the trio's Baptism on Sunday. And let me just say a simple cleaning of the house is not so simple with three 4 month old's. As soon as I leave the room we go from angelic to entertain me now! From asleep to screaming. (gotta love the meltdown man!) So I have to have everything ready by tomorrow since that is when half of them will get here. So unfortunately tonight is going to be short and sweet. Also Levi has started teething as well as Paige. It just breaks my heart to see them in pain but it has to happen. Of course they wait until they have a recall on all tylenol before they decided to teeth! Thank goodness for generic brands! So I leave tonight with a picture of a happy Paige. :)

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