Friday, May 28, 2010

Rollin rollin rollin......

We now have 2 rollers! Paige is rolling from back to tummy and back again. Levi is now rolling from belly to back. I think he could go from back to belly if he wanted, he just hasn't gotten that far yet. Paige is also not trying to get her knees up underneath herself when she is on her belly. We are so in trouble! I do love to just sit and watch her play on her belly. She is too cute kicking her little legs. Nathan is still just content chilling and playing with his toes. So far though he has almost always done things last. He is just holding onto his preemie card. He will do it when he is good and ready!

This weekend is going to be a busy one. We have a picnic tomorrow and a picnic on Monday. Part of me is excited for these things because I get out and get to see other people. Another part of me dreads these things because it throws the babies off their schedule and then they are just cranky. Now for 1 child that's fine but 3 is a little much. :) We actually have them on a great schedule and they seem to be doing well with it. Levi just fights all of his naps, but that's just Levi.

Sleeping at night has gotten better. They all three sleep through the night. I am still up at night though because they take turns in who is going to get up and want their bink. Lately it has been Paige. She is teething and I know she is on the brink of cutting her first tooth. It is right there it just needs to come through already! On top of that she now sleeps on her side. She gets really ticked off if she goes too far and onto her stomach and I don't think she can quite flip herself over in her sleepy state. So Mommy to the rescue to flip and give her her bink.

Our latest photo shoot was the trio in their Girl Scout onsies. They are too cute! :)

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