Thursday, May 13, 2010

We have a roller!

Paige has been working hard at trying to roll over. It's kind of funny because it's like all of the sudden a light bulb went off and she decided she should be trying to roll over. We thought that Levi was going to be first because of how active he is and because he has been sleeping on his side for months so I figured it would be natural for him to roll first. What is also interesting is that Levi goes to his right side where as Paige is rolling to her left. She gets herself all the way over but still needs to figure out what to do with that left arm. Currently she pretty much just lies on it. It's really neat to sit and watch her keep trying. Don't think I have forgotten about Nathan. He just seems content trying to get his piggy toes to reach his mouth (he is about halfway there) instead of rolling over. My Mom and I just say he is playing the preemie card and will just take his time doing things. Since they were a month early they technically go by their adjusted age (from their due date) for milestones and such for the first year. So even though they are 5 months old we should look at them like they are 4 months old. I figure they will do things when they are good and ready! Now for picture time. I have some cute pictures from our new version of tummy time which they like. We prop them up on a boppy. They seem to like it better because they seem to be able to see better. There is Levi, then Nathan, then Paige. :)

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