Sunday, May 23, 2010


We are back to eating solids again. We tried them about a month ago and the babies didn't seem very interested. We decided at their 5 month birthday to give their cereal another try. They took better to it this time. Last week we added Sweet potatoes to the mix. I just love the faces they make when they are trying new things. Levi has been doing the best out of the three with his eating. He opens his mouth, chews, and eats the most. Up until today Nathan and Paige were just kinda along for the ride. Tonight something must have clicked for Nathan because he just couldn't get enough! If he didn't have something in his mouth or have it coming his way he would kick his legs and fuss. It was too funny! Now Paige just needs to clue in and we will be good! I'm still trying to decide if we want to try something new tomorrow. Up to bat is squash and carrots. We shall see! :)
Some cereal pictures for your enjoyment......Levi then Nathan then Paige.

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