Friday, May 21, 2010

Where does time go?

Every night I sit, after the babies are in bed, and I play on he computer. I start on facebook and play on my games. Yes I am slightly addicted to facebook but the games take little to no thought so it's a nice way to wind down. Then I check my email. After that I end up on the bump. That is generally where I stay for quite some time. I have grown to know some of these women and their babies. It's fun to read posts about babies and things. Also the drama is kinda fun too. :) After that was when I would usually blog but lately I have been to tired so I just say tomorrow night I will do it. Well many tomorrow nights later here I am.
The babies are doing great! We have hit some bumps with naps that we are trying to work through but other than that things are going well. We had them weighed and measured today and they all gained a pound or two in the last month and the boys each grew an inch.

Levi---My feisty boy. He weighed 13.7 pounds and is 25 inches long! He has quite the personality lately. He is also our troublemaker when it comes to nap. The babies have been napping in their swings downstairs for a while now. Well Levi has decided he just wants to scream and cry in his swing. So this week we decided to put him upstairs in his crib for naps. He was doing well in the beginning of the week and only crying a little before falling to sleep. The past couple days however, he has decided to just scream and scream till I go get him. It is definitely a work in progress. His new toy is his feet! He loves to play with them and he uses them to play with his toys. He is, so far, the only one that will bring his toes all the way to his mouth. His smile will also melt your heart.

Nathan--My sweetheart. He weighed 14.11 pounds and is 26.25 inches tall. Nathan has discovered his voice lately. It sometimes takes me a couple minutes to determine if he is happy talking or unhappy talking. (They sound kinda the same) He loves loves loves his toes. He is so happy to just lay on the floor with his feet in the air and hands holding his piggies. His laugh is too cute and it is really funny what he will laugh at. He does not have as much head and neck control as the other two but then again we also claim he likes to play the preemie card. He is a good sleeper but sometimes he "wakes" up fussing and crying but he doesn't open his eyes. I just eventually go in and give him his bink and he is then fine. I find it kinda weird but I guess that's just him!

Paige--My princess. She weighed 12.8 pounds and is 24 inches tall. She is now my peanut, although I still call Levi that since he was my original peanut. She is rolling over. She still only goes from her back to her front. It seems she does this more often when she has decided that she is bored on the playmat. She then gives a grunt and a squeal and over she goes. I leave her on her belly until she gets really mad (hoping that she will get mad enough to roll back) Her favorite toy of choice is the jumperoo. She would spend hours in there if you let her. She is too funny jumping along in there. Gotta love her! She sleeps fairly well except for when her teeth are bothering her. (which is understandable) I just wish they would break all the way through already! She got to nap with me on the couch today cause her teeth were bothering her. Poor baby!

I think that is enough info for today. I will have to try to get on here more often so that I don't bombard my posts with tons of info. If you have read this far then kudos to you! Don't worry though I would not make you read all of this and not put in a picture or two! We went and played outside the other day and of course I took pictures!

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  1. I love the updates about each of the babies. It's so cute to read about their personalities and favorite toys.