Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lazy day

Today was just another day at home. It was needed since we have had a busy week so far! Tuesday my friend Christy came to visit with her baby Emma. She is only 2 weeks older then my guys. I think Nathan now has a little girlfriend cause they were playing on the playmat together and holding hands! It was too cute! I know they weren't doing it on purpose but it was still pretty cute! :) Yesterday we went shopping at cosco. That was an interesting trip. Normally we get stopped one or two times for someone to see the babies. Well we were stopped it seemed every couple of steps. I don't mind and I understand why people do it but it makes for a long shopping trip. My stroller is long enough and sometimes difficult to maneuver so people stopping us and blocking the way creates even more of a challenge for me. But it was a much needed trip and we got what we needed.
Today we just stayed home. They were up a lot last night so I needed to rest and hang out. Levi decided he was going to be the first to reach and grab his toys! He was sitting in the bouncy seat and I was sitting at my computer. I started hearing the music for that bouncy seat. It then registered that I didn't pull the lion so I look over and he has 2 of the rings in his hands! He kept grabbing and letting go of the rings having a blast! Now we just have to wait for his brother and sister to do it!
I am leaving you with 2 pictures. The first is of the trio on one of our many pajama days and the other is Levi pulling his toys.I love the look of intent on his face! :)

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