Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh the screaming

Today was rough. Levi is just not content lately unless he is being held. He just goes from smiling to complete meltdown in 2.2 seconds. I really hope this is just a phase and a short one at that. He sleeps fine at night in his crib its just during the day he does this. He used to sleep in his swing just fine. Today I tried him in his crib and he took a half an hour to fall asleep. He then woke up about 45 minutes later. *sigh* Tomorrow Alan is home so hopefully I can get things done. I feel bad leaving my Mom with the kids while I clean even though I'm really not leaving them.
Today amidst all the screaming we took a trip to wal-mart. I needed to get new jammies for the babies. They are getting so big. Nathan has moved up into 6-9month pj's! I thought I had some but not enough with how many my spit monsters can go through! Our shopping trips take a little longer than usual now and not how you would think. It takes longer because we have to stop every couple of feet for people to look and gawk at the trio. I actually had someone follow me to try to see the babies! I think its amusing what people will say and do. It also seems that people think that because I have triplets I must have lost my hearing somewhere along the way because they will just talk about me and my babies as if I can't hear them. Well I can. I just laugh half the time at what people say. I also get a kick out of the fact that people try to guess what they are. Now if you say a stroller with 3 car seats, one had a blue blanket, one had a green blanket, and one had a pink blanket what would you take that to mean? Today it meant I had all girls. :) Gotta love it! :)

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