Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today was a rainy, yucky day outside. Inside the Dean household was a different story. The trio took awesome naps today! I even got a shower during the day! (I usually shower at night, after they go to bed, if I have the energy) I don't know if it was the weather or if it was just a much needed nap day but hey I will take it! We spent the evening at Grammy and Pop-pop's. All in all a very nice Sunday. Paige was a little off but she feels better now! The formula the babies are on is high in iron and calories. It's a preemie formula that they want them to stay on till they are at least nine months. Unfortunately that means we have constipation issues. We have been battling this since they came home in December. The boys have evened out but poor Paige, we battle it with her daily. She gets prune juice almost daily and that doesn't even work all the time! Every time we go to the Dr. I hope they say that they have gained enough weight to take them off the formula but no such luck. Maybe at six months! Fingers crossed! :)
I decided with today's picture we were going to go back to the trio's first month. They are so little! :)

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