Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daddy's day off

Today was a fun Daddy day off day! We got some things done around the house that needed to be done. We are having company coming next week and need to get the house in order. We of course got some good play time in! Alan's cousin and her fiance also came over for a bbq. It was a nice day outside and a perfect day for burgers on the grill! I also got their play-room straightened up and we played in it for a while today. We are using our sun-room currently for their playroom so we can only play in it if it is warm/cool enough. So basically in the spring and fall will be perfect times for it to be used. Hopefully once they are actually old enough for it we can heat and air condition it enough for them to play out there. We had a very nice visit from Michele and Joe. They brought the trio their first Phillies outfits! We can't wait to put them in them! :) Other than that not too much else happened. Paige and Nathan are now also grabbing at the toys and bringing them to their mouths! They are getting so big so fast! Pretty soon they will be rolling over. They are getting close. I'm just waiting to see who is going to do it first!

         Nathan and Paige playing with their keys

                                 Daddy playing in their tunnel

Mommy and Paige in our play-room

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